Subject: First time finding a local girl squirter as a sex partner
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First time finding a local girl squirter as a sex partner

Date & Time of Session:  November 2022
Location:  Causeway Bay Hotel
Name:  Tiffany
Link: Found her on Heymandi
Agent: N/A
Nationality & Language: Hong Kong - English is fluent, but she spoke cantonese
Age: late 20s
Face:  0/5
Body: 0/5
Height: around 166
Skill: 5/5
Service: n/a
GFE: 5/5
PSE: n/a
Price & Session Length:  free!
Repeat: Nope

Hello all - not sure if this technically qualifies for this thread - but I guess while we're all enjoying casual sex, I thought I'd post one way that I found a way to satisfy my bulging boner. Heymandi is an app which is popular with local HongKongers, and you can usually find lots of girls there who are looking to sell sex for money. I will write about this in a later post (let me know if you'd like to know more). However, I'd like to write about one experience I've had before where, while looking for a girl, I found someone who was just looking to have sex. For FREE!

Obviously that caught my attention, so I did a lot of chatting, and flirting and dirty talking. Then we eventually exchanged contacts and photos. She's already warned me that she's a really large lady, and doesn't have any looks, but the photos were alright, so I decided to meet up anyway. Oh, did I mention, she kept on saying that she gets orgasms really easily and is a squirter, so I HAD to try that.

Met her at Causeway Bay, outside the Donki, and we went to grab a quick bite and drink, then I brought her to a nice hotel nearby. We got right into it, and started making out while stripping. Instantly, I was a bit turned off, as once I had a really close look at her face (without her glasses), and her body with lots and lots of insulation, the mood just really turned a bit downwards. However, she then held my hand and brought me into the shower, where she used her hands and ass to rub my cock, which got me a bit hard again. After rinsing off the soap, I brought her back to the bed and started servicing her. And wow, when she was she was a squirter, she wasn't lying. The whole bed was wet, and it was actually something I've never experienced before. The sensation is really new, where the insides of her pussy was trying to force my fingers out, but she kept on begging me to thrust my fingers harder and harder into her. The first time she squirted, I only used my fingers, so luckily my face wasn't drenched, but I could feel a lot of her squirt all over my arm and legs, and for some reason I expected the squirt to be cold - it wasn't. It was actually quite warm, and felt like someone just pissed all over me.

Next she told me to lie down (on the other side of the bed), and gave me a blowjob. To be honest, this was one of the best blowjobs I've ever had. It was a combination of her moaning, her eye contact, her mouth technique, her drool, and her dirty talk. All of this combined made me forget about the fact that she was seriously not a looker. Then she proceeded to climb on top of my cock and ride me. Her control was amazing, and I could feel my leg again getting quite warm with her squirt. I blew my load quite quickly actually - as I was close to cumming during the blowjob.

After shooting my load, I started to feel a lot more rational, and realised that I wasn't really that physically attracted to her, and would actually rather pay money to fuck someone decent than to get free sex. Hence we just made a bit more small talk and we left afterwards. Not a repeat for me - but my point is that you'd be able to find lots of girls on Heymandi that you can have sex for free, if you don't mind investing time. However, if you don't mind paying a bit, I think you can get a bit more from the app - so let me know if you'd like to know more!

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dedupe   7-8-2023 19:14  Karma  +4   What are the gals' attitude towards non chinese ?
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Thedarklord   4-6-2023 11:21  Acceptance  +1   Thanks for sharing. If you could PM some tips on using Heymandi, would appreciate it.
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Ultrahamz   22-5-2023 08:31  Acceptance  +1   
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catumara   9-5-2023 18:17  Karma  +3   That's what I call a well done job !
john.cvb   9-5-2023 17:45  Karma  +2   there are sometimes nice surprises - good finding!
zhude10   9-5-2023 15:52  Karma  +4   Awesome!
Mike747   9-5-2023 14:21  Karma  +5   Excellent
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perriersons08   9-5-2023 11:36  Karma  +10   i would not be able to get hard
Mandoggy   9-5-2023 11:02  Acceptance  +2   Interesting
americafirst141   9-5-2023 10:11  Karma  +6   any pics?
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Reply #1 Agamchow's post

any tips on how to find girls on the app?

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Respect to you for servicing a girl on the bigger side. I know a lot of people wouldn’t bother entertaining or just straight up leave.
Never experienced a squirted myself but after reading this experience makes me want to try

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