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Indo helper from Telegram

I've been trying out some of the trade girls rather than hotel girls.  Hotel and TG girls are getting expensive and I like the idea of finding a regular I can develop some chemistry with and someone who speaks good English is nice.  So I've been browsing the telegram groups and just clicking on the users who post and messaging them directly, they don't necessarily have ads out, but if they are on these forums they are there to trade.

Date: Thursday January 12, 2022
Location: MK hourly motel
Girl: never got her name, Indonesian
Age: late 20s?
Face 2.5/5, not her best feature but still cute, nice lips, symmetrical
Tits: 1/5, didn't even take the bra off, pretty flat in there so left it on for the illusion
Ass: 5/5. One of the best asses Ive ever come across
Tummy: 4/5, no signs of baby damage, not fat, soft.
Skill: 5/5
GFE: 5/5. DKF, BBBJ, 69, cuddling, all on the table.
Price: $1000 for 1-2 hours (my offer, can probably be had for less).

I only had an hour so we met at MK MTR, found a nearby hourly place.  Absolute dog shit filthy, mold all over the ceiling, no trash bag, dingy is the best way to describe it.  But $120/hour and adds to the thrill of it being dirty, similar to doing it an alley or something.  Would def find a better place next time.   I didn't have a condom so I asked her and she got one from the door lady (who had clearly seen better days).

A little shy as mosts of these girls are.  Dressed in jeans, cute looking but not exactly hot walking down the street.  LB didn't give a shit.  We were both a little awkward at first, not knowing whether to immediately disrobe as the 141girls do or shower, or what.  As soon as we made body contact it all went well.  DFK, groping, and neck kissing proceeded naturally.  We eventually undressed each other, I left her panties and bra on.  She voluntarily stats a BBBJ that I would say is up there with the best ever.  By that I mean she deep throats the entire thing and then stays like that.  just moving her tongue around as I make little thrusts.  She can still breathe and doesn't have to come up for air very often.  No gag reflex or anything.   I just let her keep doing this and she didn't stop and want to move on like most pay for play girls.  She liked it.  

I wasn't in the mood to go down on her, but her lips are small and she is smooth shaven.  But her ass.  Her ass is godly.  I didn't really appreciate it with her jeans on, just a round ass, but those things were holding back the most perfect ass I've come across.  I couldn't stop grabbing it and rubbing it.  Soft and round, meaty, no cellulite, not jiggly, just perky and soft at the same time.  

I started rubbing my cock on her panties and around her thighs, fully erect already.  I put it under her panties and on top of her clit and have her a good rubbing over with my shaft as she was getting into it.  I pulled her panties to the side and started dancing around LS and looking her in the eyes.  I doubt she would have stopped me if I played "just the tip".  We turned on our sides and continued to grind and various positions with her panties to the side.  I finally got the dom and proceeded into her LS which was good and tight.  Missionary, her on back with me on side and legs intertwined, and then kept rotating her over until we were in laying down doggy style.  Felt to good to get up and switch to proper doggy, I threw my leg over the top and pulled her in tight and let a nice load rip.  

We cleaned up separately and left together.  She was smitten as she kept trying to hold my hand but I didn't want to risk the off chance of being recognized.  We flirted a little bit as we walked back to the MTR.  Gave a quick hug and kiss through the mask and then parted ways.  Sweet girl.

So if you are looking for more intimacy and possibly establishing a regular, then I think these girls are the way to go.  Most satisfying experience I've had in a while and I didn't feel depressed after like I do with 141 girls.   may try her again, but I would like the whole package so will probably keep browsing.

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Heliguy   28-8-2023 03:52  Acceptance  +1   Please help out a newbie with the telegram link or group?
Vincent1016   26-8-2023 21:05  Acceptance  +1   Excellent report
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Monster6969   18-8-2023 12:55  Acceptance  +1   
Jackal0260   17-8-2023 19:11  Acceptance  +1   
frollics1   17-8-2023 19:02  Acceptance  +4   similar to one I pulled on mar . trouble is they fall in love so quickly
hotjac   17-8-2023 14:52  Karma  +1   Good review except for no contact. You could have at least shared her TG group for others to try and find.
Don083507026   17-8-2023 00:20  Acceptance  +1   Indo girls on tg are a hit or a miss. I met a few good ones. Their price is sky rocketing though.
clampbottom   17-8-2023 00:04  Karma  +3   Why do you feel depressed after 141 gals?
klight977   16-8-2023 20:21  Acceptance  +1   Anyone knows the TG name?
dallier   15-7-2023 13:23  Acceptance  +1   Late to read...but really useful--thanks
Ultrahamz   7-5-2023 01:30  Acceptance  +1   Would you mind sharing the tg group . Many thanks
Oneintwenty   3-5-2023 03:52  Acceptance  +1   Anybody willing to share the TG group?
Kalikali8787x   14-4-2023 02:26  Acceptance  +1   would luv the tg group
Tyronekhan11   29-3-2023 04:04  Acceptance  +1   Sounds like a great punt, are you able to provide the TG please
wmun13   10-3-2023 19:09  Acceptance  +1   Excellent. Can I have the TG group?
Netflix007   5-3-2023 19:33  Karma  +1   This is nice find. I have been using these groups with 80% satisfaction rate
Unitedfuture   27-2-2023 22:18  Acceptance  +2   
ruylopez5645   23-2-2023 17:54  Acceptance  +1   Nice one mate. Mind sharing the TG group contacts ?
mark69   21-2-2023 17:40  Acceptance  +1   may i have the tg contact details thanks
tonyufoet   17-2-2023 02:31  Acceptance  +1   That is so nice. care to share TG?
absurdit   15-2-2023 21:03  Acceptance  +1   Care to share the tg/contact. thanks
shyrocket   7-2-2023 00:30  Karma  +3   Great stuff, thanks!
steriam   4-2-2023 04:43  Karma  +1   Can I ask for the tg site? Tks
wandering13213   3-2-2023 10:59  Karma  +4   Great report bro - kindly share the TG group name if possible!
Okok17   1-2-2023 01:46  Karma  +2   May I know the TG group?
Nomadd63   27-1-2023 23:28  Acceptance  +1   Could you share TG group pls
deepak123   27-1-2023 22:57  Karma  +4   Thanks, which TG group is this plz?
Googlesteve   25-1-2023 13:26  Acceptance  +1   
hcwjohn   23-1-2023 13:12  Acceptance  +1   thanks for the report, can you pm the telegram group?
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Would be interested in tg group. Thanks !!

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momozzz   22-1-2023 08:12  Acceptance  -2   I would be interested that you read our forum rules and use the rating feature to ask such question.
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same also interested in how did you find these groups

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HK_Legend   17-8-2023 01:55  Karma  -1   I would be interested that you read our forum rules and use the rating feature to ask such question.

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