Subject: Sandra, A recent favourite - now back in HK
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Sandra, A recent favourite - now back in HK

Location: Hotel in CWB
Date of visit: Jan 2023
Name: Sandra
Link :Massage Republic - Sandra – Indonesian escort in Hong Kong ... d-9a2c-710e14e447e2
Nationality & Language: Indonesian
Age: Mid-late 30's is my guess
Face: 7/10
Body: 8/10
Skill: 10/10
Service: 10/10
PSE: 10/10
Price & Session Length: 3000 (incall for 2hours)
Repeat: Yes, and this must be third or fourth time with her

Sandra is a great escort I first met in HK pre-covid and reunited with again in Singapore last year (report for the SG session is in the RoW section). It's always a great session with her as everything is on the table. All 3 holes are available and she rims like she's scooping out ice cream from a cup. She did minimal travelling during the pandemic but looks like she is up for moving around the region again.

Made the appointment with no fuss, and she was ready and waiting to come down in the lift to collect me so there's minimal awkward waiting in the hotel lobby.

Once in her room, I had a quick shower (alone, which was my choice as wanted to clean my ass properly knowing what was coming up) and then waited in her bed whilst she showered. Games started with a slow BBBJ which she then paused to lube up before resuming with DT and picking up speed. i had to tap her on her head to get her to stop before I popper way too early. to give me a breather she then lifted my legs to give me a deep rimjob for what must have been about 10mins, with her giving me gentle HJs every once in a while to keep me hard (no danger of going soft during this though). I couldn't handle it for much longer so moved her back to BBBJ where I blew in her mouth for CIM. She took it all in and continued sucking the last drop out of me, but no swallowing.

After some rest and chit chat she was starting to get horny again and so moved to gently stroking me for a's taking longer in my old age but eventually got there and it's game on for round 2. BBBJ again to start before she capped me, lubed up her ass and went straight for anal. Tight AF at first but once she warmed up and adjusted it, it wasn't long before she was banging back at me wanting it harder and faster, the whole time she was rubbing at her clit hard until she came (a pretty cute thing, she laughs after cumming). There is no chance of me lasting long like this so came in the CD before collapsing on her. After cleaning me up, she was still charged up enough to want to cum again and when I made it clear I could not rise to her needs, she just lay back and played with herself again until she came - what a nympho...not through anything she said though, but I did feel a bit bad I couldn't last long enough for her to cum twice.

I'm not too clear how long she will be in HK for (probably not beyond CNY would be my guess). A great gal, I will be trying to meet her again before she leaves.

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Reply #1 lostmojo's post

She looks super tidy. I do have a thing for nice stomach. Thanks for the report.

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momozzz   8-1-2023 19:44  Acceptance  -2   please read our forum rules about one liner and not using rating feature to reward the poster
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Any chance you could PM her contact? As the link you provided doesn’t seem to lead to her profile anymore. She looks stunning and sounds like how to have a good time

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ramont   7-8-2023 08:37  Acceptance  -1   Please read the guidelines. This post is from 7 months ago, the girl is likely not around. Also, use ratings for comment ...

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