Subject: Best Blow Job Ever with lip pierce for extra sensation with photo & wechat
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Best Blow Job Ever with lip pierce for extra sensation with photo & wechat

Date & Time of Session:  Monday 17th August, 5pm
Location:  Metropark Hotel, Mongkok
Name:  Nana (skout)
Agent: No agent (freelance)
Nationality & Language: Indo, speaks basic english, canto & mando
Age: early 30's
Face:  3/5  typical DH natural beauty
Body:  3/5 chubby but very smooth skin and huge ( . )( . )
Skill: 5/5 Excellent BBJ or CBJ (whichever your prefer)
Service: 5/5 she will follow all sex position you like
GFE: 5/5 allow DFK,  allow touching, almost anyting is ok
PSE: 5/5 allow to lick every part of her body
Price & Session Length: HKD600 / 1 shoot
Repeat: will repeat...

I was scanning at Scout and I found this young looking girl. I ask her many questions and I found out that she is working as domestic helper for a chinese employer. Her salary is not adequate to support her family financially, so she resorted for an extra gig.
She preferred that the hotel location is located in Mongkok, she dont mind whether it is a per hour guest house or a star hotel. In short, she is not choosy,  very accomodating and understanding. I booked at Metropark today and she arrived on ripped jeans.
We showered separately and she enjoyed watching porn film while having s.x.  

After I laid on the bed, we kiss right away and she slowly go south and play with my LB..  she uses her tongue to gently lick my LB in a circular manner on the head (perfect sight), she also lick it in a flickering manner like my LB is slowly bouncing on her tongue (another Nirvana sexperience) and she perform extensive deep throat.... she took all of it...up and down while sucking it gently for at least 5 minutes. During this moment, I need to bite my lips so that I will not cum immediately during her deep throat experience. Because of her lip piercing, the steel ball is gently rubbing my LB and sexual sensation is breathtaking.... I raise her long semi blonde hair so that I can actually see how she gently suck my LB... while I gently pushing my LB into her mouth..following her sucking rhythm, this view alone is already worth the total price :-)

We did missionary, she moans naturally (no acting), I raise her legs, we do side position and many more, its unlimited sx position, you can do any position without a single complain from her..  What can you ask for ? but she really likes doggie style... she told me that she can cum very quickly if we do doggie, so we immediately change position and I immediately noticed that she is moaning heavily during our doggie position and luckily, we exploded at the same time, it was an unforgetable experience.  She loves cuddling, hugging and kissing after the deed.

I have her wechat id and I got her permission to share her wechat for local chinese and selected foreigners only. I do not want to offend anybody here, she told me that she do not like huge dick from black guys, she do not like guys from india and pakistan (no offense guys, peace to all of you). She speak a little english only, a few canto and mando, she has a fairly dark completion but super smooth skin. You can run your hand all throughout her body without a single objection from her, she is shave below and you can touch her LS, but you need to do it gently and gradually like a gentleman.

So, if you want her wechat id, please support by giving me a good rating because it was very difficult for me to convinced her and allow me to post her photo and share her wechat to brothers here. She is working from 9am to 3pm and only available after 3pm until 10pm daily and holiday on Saturday. She preferred the meeting place somewhere in Mongkok for her convenience.  


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Great article. Do you mind sharing her wechat contacts? Thanks

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shyrocket   13-9-2020 16:47  Acceptance  +1   Thanks for the great report. Would love to have her wechat id if that's possible.
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Nice review! Can I please get her wechat ID?

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