Subject: Do not post one-liners - read carefully before continuing
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Do not post one-liners - read carefully before continuing

Examples of one-liners
1. the girl is hot
2. thanks for sharing
3. I want to book her
4. can i have her wechat contact

Please use the rating system to post one-liners.
Do not post them in the thread as they add nothing meaningful to the discussion.  We want to ensure reports and subsequent comments are of a very high standard. 

About wechat contacts
1. If the reporter has not provided a wechat contact but has provided another way of contacting the girl (e.g. a craigslist listing), try that contact first. If the link does not work, let the reporter know through either a rating or a thread comment.  However, if another member has already told the reporter this, do not repeat the same thing. Wait for the reporter to respond and address the issue. 
2. If a reporter has stated that he does not wish to share a wechat contact with members of a certain rank (e.g. RA10 members), do not ask for her wechat. Asking for it when the reporter has said "no" is impolite.

If you post one-liners, you will receive a warning. If you continue to post one-liners, you will be punished through a loss of Acceptance Points and Karma. If you still do it, you will lose the ability to post.

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