Subject: [London] Hungarian Escort from Babylon agency
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[London] Hungarian Escort from Babylon agency

For my 1st punting experience in London. I decided to try the escort agency services.
After reading some reviews, I decided to try Babylon Escorts.

The booking process is relatively straightforward. You call their hotline number and tell them the girl that you want and the time of the meeting. The receptionist will then SMS you the actual address.

The actual place is easy to locate, near to the Tube train station and thanks to Google Map.
I entered the room and then she’ll asked if I want to continue. At this point, if you said yes, you’ll need to pay her the $$ else you can just left if you don’t like what you are seeing.

The room is rather small, typical of London’s apartment rooms. The shower can only fit one person, so she don’t shower you and you have to shower/clean yourself.

The girl’s actual look is 70% of the website’s pic as it has been photoshopped.
However, she has a solid rocking body with natural DD boobs.

On the service, I would rate it as poor comparing to Asian’s standards and considering the price of GBP200 for 60 mins.

No DFK, No BBJ. She also does like it when i lick and kissed her nipples as she says they are sensitive. Damn !!
However, she was accommodating in sexual positions.
I did her in Mish, cowgirl, doggy, spoon.
After the sex session ended, I again clean-up myself in the shower.
After that, I sat in her bed. She didn’t really make any effort to bring up any conversations, therefore GFE is average at best.
She did told me that the agency gets 30% of her takings.

Name: Michelle
Nationality: Eastern European from Hungary
Age: 22
Looks: 7.5/10. Website pics are photo-shopped. 70% accuracy.
Body: 8/10. Natural DD Cup boobs.
GFE: 6/10
PSE: 6/10.
Damage: GBP 200 for 1 hour, 1 shot
Will I return: Nope.

Here are some pics from the Babylon pics and the apartment.

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ltshinysidez   9-5-2016 21:12  Karma  +6   
paladin310   9-5-2016 12:05  Karma  +4   Made in Hungary is usually a sign of quality and reliability. Sorry to hear. I'd let the agency know.
polamor   9-5-2016 06:28  Acceptance  +1   They are pretty to look at though the escorts. I want to try girls from Adultwork.. maybe one day.
JJJ37   8-5-2016 23:47  Karma  +6   Boobs Natural??? hmmmm
wupoer   8-5-2016 15:22  Acceptance  +1   Excellent report. A shame about the girl's poor performance.
jake.houston   8-5-2016 09:49  Karma  +8   Expensive mistakes in the London scene. Good luck finding better ladies.

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