Subject: [South Korea][Seoul-Gangnam] Dao Anma - Pak Ha
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[South Korea][Seoul-Gangnam] Dao Anma - Pak Ha

Date & Time of Session:  July 2024
Location:  Dao Anma in Gangnam
Name:  Pak Ha
Nationality & Language: Pure Korean, good to realise your fantasy of someone calling you Oppa while in action but otherwise, little to none english
Age: early thirties
Face:  4/5 (she is quite gorgeous)
Body: 4/5 (natural C or D cup, or in Japanese context E cup)
Skill: 4.5/5
GFE: 3/5
PSE: 4/5
Price & Session Length:  KRW 260,000 for 1hr, 1 shot
Repeat: Yes, but with other glamour girls

After reading much about Dao, ID and Donuts Anma, I decided to go try other the notoriously known corridor of doom, where all the men are serviced together. I chose Dao. The directions are quite explanatory, if you go by cab, it will be a breeze. If by train, just follow closely to the directions guide in the website. Use NAVER Map if needed, Google Map sucks in Korea.

While I am being sat down with 6 pairs of other customers’ eyes looking at me, the mama-San started to ask me questions. I wasn’t that lucky - this mama-San does not speak anything other than Korean. Other the first question of where I come from, she started to ask me what I want. I said Ippeu-yo, which means pretty, but she asked me again. I barely can make out what she said, finally after 1 min later then I sorted it out. She was asking me glamor or slim. I chose glamor and the rest of the usual process kicks in - the bathing, brushing and laying on the mat while waiting for the girl.

I was brought up the stairs way after about 30 wait. There stood 3 girls and they were like waiting for the customers. There were 1 shorter but not cute, 1 that looks quite glamor and quite attractive and another 1 that was apparently the cleaning ajuma. So I was like please be the more attractive one. Bingo, and she held my hand to the corridor of doom - lined up with bar stools and many other men busy doing their own adventures.

I kept peeking at her name tag but I couldn’t make out her name. While she is busy BJ me with many other guest appearances from other girls, it was building up the mood for the later part. It is really exciting that almost all the girls who walk past will spend 1-2 minutes petting you up, licking your upper body.

Finally, I can’t take it and I ask, what is your name. She cannot answer me and said some alien language (it’s alien to me because it’s all in korean and spoke so fast). Finally I remember ireumi and I said that to her. She then said she is Pak Ha. Her BJ outside the corridor wasn’t that much to boast of, but her looks and her bigger than others boobs were just right for me. Pak Ha sat me on when I got hard and it lasted for a few moments shaking on top of me. However, that was not very enjoyable and I was like thinking, don’t tell me it’s gonna be like this for the rest of the session. She stopped after a while and held my hand to one of the rooms.

The usual routine kicks and I laid back on the Naru bed. In Korea, it is just a single bed whereas for Jap, it’s a queen sized (I used Y-shirt for comparison). Finally there comes the surprise. She sucked the whole of my body so hard that it spurned a sense of comfort in me. Really hard, totally different from the session along the corridor. It really gets the mood up wither her sucking and rubbing her huge C on me. I held it there and after washing up, she got me to lay on the dry bed.

While she is drying herself, 2 other girls came in to do a quick fix to my upper body again. When Pak Ha is ready, she continue to rim me and build my the momentum. She is really physically attractive because it is with the comparison with what is available. And I can see that she is the prettiest thus far. She turned her back on me and we started doing a 69. I am also unsure if I should do that but I ended up licking her as well.

She rode on me and started to go up and down. The consistency of the movement makes the mood very tensed, and after a while we switch to missionary. While in that position, I can see her face directly. She really look pretty with make up on, not those super thick ones. She also started calling me Oppa, which, is so nice to hear. All these building up, especially with her bigger than usual Korea eyes and her red eye shadow, and after a while I ended .

All in all, for those big bros who wanna try a new excitement of hallway of doom, this is the place of your wildest fantasy. For those big bro who are regulars in such, I highly recommend to hit Pak Ha up.

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