Subject: TR Misuki (Sultry Barbie Doll Look)
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TR Misuki (Sultry Barbie Doll Look)

Location: TST
Name: TR Misuki
Link: telegram
Agent: TR
Nationality & Language: Thai
Age: early 20s
Face: 4.3/5 Very similar to the photos, face is PSed a bit to smooth things out, big eyes, sharp nose, almond shape
Body: 4.4/5 Slim and sexy, body is exactly like the photos, natural tits B+/C cup
Height: 155? tiny
Skill: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
GFE: 3.5/5
PSE: -/5
Price & Session Length: 900 HKD
Repeat: Maybe

One of the better girls to actually resemble her photos quite well from TR.

Sorta shy and reserved girl, speaks very quietly.
Pretty standard service, did all the positions I wanted and never said no.
Made the initial o_o face and then pout face and did the side-by-side comparison of my cock to her forearm.
BJ was soft and not too much suction, more gentle gfe style.

Size was not a problem, she eventually got super into it during spoon, getting super wet and creamy.
Nice fuck with a pretty and cute girl, not super enthusiastic during the deed but very pleasant.

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Reply #1 johndoe666's post

Thank you
Can you post full TG link

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