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Bangkok short time hotels

Hey ... what hotels you guys use for short times, 2/3 hours etc. Preferably ones where they don't ask for IDs for the ladies. Been using dayuse but sometimes bit over the top.

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When you pick up a girl she already know the STmotels nearby.
As example if you pick up a girl from Thermae use the Ruamchitt Hotel just above the bar.
There are ST motels in soi 7/1.
I think also Nana hotel in soi4 could be used for ST only.

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Got a ST on Soi 4 and before I could tell her where I was staying (walking distance) she grabbed me by the hand and took me down a nearby lane to a ST Hotel.
No ID, just cash then boom boom.
Majority of the girls have a ST place they utilise.

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