Subject: First Time with Jasmine
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First Time with Jasmine

Date & Time of Session: May 2,2024 early afternoon
Location: 7F of Kam Bong Building
Nationality & Language: Chinese, decent English
Age: late 40s
Face: 6/10
Body: 5/10
Skill: 8/10
Service: 8/10
PSE: no
Price & Session Length: $1000 hkd
Repeat: maybe

Read a lot of great reviews about jasmine from fellow mongers so was really looking forward to meeting her. Contacted her via WeChat and set up an appointment with her early afternoon. Got to her building with no issues and she greeted me at her door wearing some sexy black lingerie and heels (great start!). Definitely not the prettiest face but I was prepared for that. After paperwork, she leads me to bathroom where we get undressed and she starts giving me a nice cat bath. Felt really good with great boob contact from her as well. Unfortunately, this is also when I noticed her stomach was way bigger than I had initially thought from her photos. Anyways, after cat bath and shower, she leads me to her bed and I asked nicely if she’d wear some sexy lingerie again that hid her midsection. She didn’t seem to mind and obliged, then proceeded to give me one the best BBBJs I’ve ever gotten. Amazing suction and technique. She also seemed super energetic and didn’t take any break for a few minutes except to look seductively at me occasionally. If anyone enjoys some hand action as well during a BJ, she great with it as well. Had to try really hard not to finish too quickly so offered to return the favor. She seemed to enjoy my efforts and gave some nice moans to encourage me. Then, on to the main course. Started in covered mish and CG for a few minutes before trying some  doggie and finishing in RCG. I will say she’s got really good riding skills and when she’s turned around in lingerie, her weight is pretty hidden so that was great. Chatted a little about future appointments, then left with a hug. Definitely enjoyed her skills but her weight was a letdown. Might repeat in the future.

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drjoker6969   19-5-2024 14:07  Karma  +2   Are all the ladies in Kam Bong older than 40 yrs old?
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HKGPeter   15-5-2024 22:28  Karma  +3   Thank you.
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