Subject: Sako Japanese
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Sako Japanese

Name: Sako
Ethnicity: Japanese
Age: Claims 22, my guess early 30's
TG: No TG, Direct message:  +852-6607-3724
Damage: 3000HKD for 2 shots (had to negotiate)

Face: 8/10 (Girl is similar looking to the photos, definitely edited pics)
Body: 9/10 (Spinner with huge fake D's, nice ass)
Service: 7.5/10

Messaged her directly on the number since WhatsApp was also unavailable. Walked in, was greeted with a warm smile. Definitely Japanese. I really could not make out whether she was the same girl in the photos. The body is very similar and face has similar features. She guided me to the shower. We showered together, and she played with the little guy and gave me a thorough scrub. This was a nice start. Moved to the bed. LFK turned in to DFK. BBBJ was nothing out of the ordinary. Little teeth which was annoying. Put on the dom, started CG, followed by DG, I knew I had a 2nd shot in the bank so did not hold back.

Rested up a little, cuddle and LFK, played around with the fake D's, before I got hard again. BBBJ for a short time, followed by missionary. Fake moans throughout. Did not care, busted a nut. Cleaned up. Kiss and hug goodbye. Language is an issue.

Repeat: No, only because of the price. Better options available at cheaper prices.

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Asiangaijin   19-4-2024 17:35  Acceptance  +1   banzaiiii!!!
Fulltits   12-4-2024 12:10  Karma  +2   Always wondered if those Japanese MR profiles were fake or not. Thank you!
zhude10   5-4-2024 00:23  Karma  +5   Lovely !
alex_french   4-4-2024 21:47  Acceptance  +6   Seems B&S
momozzz   4-4-2024 20:38  Karma  +4   just curious. how did you get she is japanese if language issue?
wongwanchi   4-4-2024 15:35  Acceptance  +1   
Skepti10   4-4-2024 15:33  Karma  +8   
Narhhy   4-4-2024 14:58  Acceptance  +1   
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Siemens94   4-4-2024 00:51  Acceptance  +1   
frankpot2   3-4-2024 22:27  Acceptance  +1   
teltel   3-4-2024 19:00  Karma  +3   She is / was on MR
boscitc   3-4-2024 17:00  Karma  +8   Wish it was half the price
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Reply #1 hunkasaraus's post

Just curious how old are you? As a 40+ guy, I don't feel like I have the energy to do 2 shots. At least I won't enjoy it.
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Must be kind of awkward between the two shots if language barrier is such an issue

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Susanlixxx   7-4-2024 04:18  Karma  -2   May I point you to the karma window. 3x one liners already.

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