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Chi Day Spa - Ivy

Date & Time of Session: Jan 2024
Location: Chi Day Spa, San Mateo
Name: Ivy
Language: Mandarin
Age: later 20s
Face:  3/5
Body: 4/5
Skill: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Price & Session Length: $65+$80 45min
Repeat: Yes

Chi Day Spa is a relatively upscale massage parlor that provides relatively standard rub n tug services. The standout for me was finding Ivy, who is younger that most AMP provider's I've seen in the states. She's slim with natural B or C cups, which I dig. The massage itself was about 20 minutes - just a bit more than cursory, but nowhere close to working any tension out. After the flip there was a bit of negotiating for a standard HJ and some light petting. Will return to see if more is on the table.

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