Subject: Regina/Apple - Russian (TG photos don't match but I'm not mad about it)
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Regina/Apple - Russian (TG photos don't match but I'm not mad about it)

Date & Time of Session:  30th Mar 2024
Location: Macau
Name: Apple in TG but Regina when asked in person
Nationality & Language:  Russian and little English
Age: late 20's
Face:  8/10 (looks nothing like the photo but I'm not mad, more on that below)
Body:  9/10
Skill: 4/5
Service: 3/5
GFE:  2/5
PSE: 4/5
Price & Session Length:  1200 MOP + tips
Repeat: Would've but she's gone

So it's been a while since I've indulged in the hobby but I had an itch last week. Not wanting to spend a small fortune on saunas, I looked around TG and found Apple/Regina. Booking was smooth and easy as always with the agent. I was given the room number upon arrival and on my way up I saw this Russian speaking to the front desk staff. In my mind I was like "damn, I wish I booked her if she was a WG". Went up and rang the doorbell but no one was answering even after ringing it 3 times. After a couple minutes, the girl that I saw at the front desk was approaching the door I was standing in front of and that got me really hyped coz after seeing her at the front desk, I was already keen.

So after walking in I disrobed and hit the shower alone. I tried to spark a conversation but was getting very short replies coz she seems to not really know english that well which is fine but would've been nice to build a rapport before the session. While in the shower I was already mentally preparing myself for a mediocre session but boy was I wrong. dried up and paid up and onto the bed. She played some music and went for the BBBJ. Let me tell you, it was one of the best if not the best BBBJ I have ever had. It was sloppy, deep, lots of eye contact, seductive smiles coz she knew she was killing it. She stayed down there for a solid 10 minutes. I honestly could've shot right there but I wanted to take her bod for a ride as she had a rocking bod, you can tell she works out. as she sat on LB I was shocked on how tight she was. It took a second for me to go all the way in and no KY was used which was awesome. So we went through the motions CG, Dogg, Mish etc. her moans were great! not to little not too much and most importantly, doesnt sound fake coz that really throws off. More of that heavenly bj in between positions. She puts in work in CG, varying from grinding to intense up and down all the while sucking on my finger and cupping my balls all at the same time. It was mindblowing. I during mish while looking at her beautiful face and bod.

I was in disbelief on how mindblowing it was even as I showered. I honestly could've gone back for more but I had other non-punting appointments I had to go to so I got dressed and left. She did mention to me that she would leave on April 4 so I was thinking of booking her again but after looking through TG, she's gone. That's why I can't provide photos as I didnt save it before it got taken down. She looks nothing like the photos but I'm not mad about it since she is a stunner with skills to match. I do see some WGs returning every now and then so maybe I'll just keep an eye out to repeat.

I see more talents coming in that I want to try out so I might have more reports coming soon.

Happy punting fellas!

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HG’s photos in Macau are always not reliable, no matter Russian or Chinese girls, but 1000+ is a good bargain compared to sauna’s price. If you are not happy with the actual appearance of the girl, just walk out.

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