Subject: TR - Zavia still hot as fuck
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TR - Zavia still hot as fuck

Date & Time of Session:  Mar 21 2024 first booking
Location: TST
Name: Zavia
Nationality & Language:  Thai + Moroccan mix and very good English
Age: mid to late twenties
Face:  9/10
Body:  9/10 (she coyly says she gotten plump lol)
Skill: 5/5
Service: 5/5
GFE:  5/5
PSE: yes 5/5
Price & Session Length:  900
Repeat: Yes - many many times

Wanted to book on the 20th but they were off for the day

This must be at least the 4-5 time I booked her and each time is no different - just 5 star service each time.  

We were all over each other dfk tongues intertwined and stripping each other off
Before I knew she had my rock hard cock down her throat deep throat along with my balls    

Feeling her pussy was already dripping wet and she told me between DT that blowing dudes gets her off

She wanted action straight away and rode me CG with much gusto and I could feel hee juices running down my shaft onto my leg.
Switched up to mish and sucked on her tits and got her legs up for some deep thrusts which she seemed to very much enjoy.  Got her pretty painted toes in my mouth too

Finished hard into the dom and made out some more on the bed, just kept dfk tongue sparing alive throughout lol.  

She was also very attentive during and after shower taking attention to dry my feet and making sure I was dry before going into the room proper cuz she got the AC cranked up (she is sensitive to heat , she says it's unbearably hot in Thailand already.)

Anyway another good session with Zavia and I envision many more to come if she can come here with greater frequency.

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Its good to know once a negative report on TR girl Zavia, out pops a glowing review.  Nice to have friends in high places

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she is a good fuck for sure but that chlamydia thing got me wondering and also her pussy is hairy af i coudlnt get over it.

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like2bonk   3-4-2024 14:40  Karma  +4   a hairy pussy can be enhanced visually when u ejac all over it

TG group is mostly by invite only or regular board contributors.
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Great Review!
Can you provide sthe contact of this girl?
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TR roy is known to have friends in high places and shills a lot. The quality of girls he have is no different than the thai you can get from KH which you can get for much cheaper and without the photoshop and bullshit.

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