Subject: K2 - Polly
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K2 - Polly

Date.   Early feb 2024
Location, k2
Name: Polly
Nationality & Language: mandarin, no English
Age: mid 20'
Face: 3/5
Body: 2/5, natural C's, belly fat, not a good ass
Skill: 2/5
Service: 2.5/5
GFE: 1/5 too fake
PSE: no
Repeat: nope
Price & Session Length: 900 + tips - 60min

Booked through TG, quick and fast.

She opened the door at k2 and took me to room. Asked to shower as she prepared bed. She was wearing light top, shorts and flip flops.
She tried to be gfe experience but it came across as awkward. She seem new to the industry.

P1 - awkward
We had a nice chat before and during the massage. She is a nice girl but massage not very good. She is very uncomfortable to the  massage and very self conscious of her body.

P2 - not for me
We moved to body to body massage, this is generally where the lady either shines or fades away. Sadly for me and lb it was the latter.
Polly is a nice girl but is very new and is still finding her own comfort zone. She is very cautious in showing her belly. Her tits are sagging a bit, they are natural c cups.
Not to be negative, she tried. She gave a nice slow hj, we had nice cbj. She let me cum in her mouth with the bag on. She is new and would say give her time to find her bearings.

I think she is nice girl but not sure I would repeat for a while.

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