Subject: PE - Bing Bing
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PE - Bing Bing

Date & Time of Session:  19 Nov, 16:00
Location:  56-58 LCK Rd, 6/F, Room A
Name:  Bing Bing
Nationality & Language: Claims she is Taiwanese
Age: ~32
Face:  2/5
Body: 2/5
Height:  5'4
Skill: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5
GFE: 2.5/5
PSE: 3/5
Price & Session Length:  $500
Repeat: No

Had a dinner date later on, so wanted to have a pop before I went in case I got too horny. Having already visited KH and JSL earlier in the day and left disappointed, one would say I had heavy balls.

I had my mind set on a regular in that building which I had not tried before, but when I asked if she did bbbj, she refused. So  I opted for Bing Bing instead. Not a looker, but slim-ish with a nice pert ass. A-cups and a firm body, really heavy makeup and she was not that much of a looker up close.

The usual shower, wash LB, dried up, and now I couldn't be bothered with bbbj anymore, but her cbj skills were decent and she tried to maintain eye contact. Dom'ed up and went into standing mish for a few minutes, and then got interrupted with the food delivery guy. As she opened the door slightly to get the delivery and pay for it, her ass stuck up a bit, so I went behind her and fucked her standing doggie behind the door whilst she waited for the deliveryman to give her change. This was the best part of the whole experience, and as she finally closed the door, I went hammer and tongs and .

Showered alone afterwards, paid and left.

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firsttimelong   21-11-2023 00:20  Acceptance  +1   fun experience, bet girls could charge more for that one!
slickric423   20-11-2023 20:26  Karma  +5   living out the pornos haha
HK_Legend   20-11-2023 17:38  Karma  +10   "I went behind her and fucked her standing doggie behind the door whilst she waited for the deliveryman to give her cha ...

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