Subject: [HK] Diane, Pinay influencer from MR, worst mistake ever
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[HK] Diane, Pinay influencer from MR, worst mistake ever

Date: 3rd November 2023
Location:  Causeway Bay
Name:  Diane
Link: ... ong/diane-wet-pussy
Nationality & Language: Pinay, claimed she’s American
Age: early 20s
Face: exactly like her instgram posts @adiana4u, but she had a moustache
Body: 3.5/5, fake tits and ass because she’s post-op
Height: 175 cm I think
Skill: 0/5
Service: 0/5
GFE: 0/5
PSE: 0/5
Price: 3000 for 20 minutes of shitty action. Including the shower.
Repeat: hell no

Saw an influencer on MR with 199,000 followers and reached out on telegram. She quoted 5000 but that was still too much so she said ‘for you it’s 3000 an hour’. Obviously hormones didn’t make me see the red flag.

Got to causeway bay and the hotel was okay ish. Go up to her floor and she opens it dressed in her sleep attire. But her boobs were so massive that again, hormones didn’t make me see the red flags. Or her slightly more masculine face.

She demanded I pay upfront and I obliged. Then told me to get into the shower while she used her phone. Asked if she wanted to join and she said no.

Quickly showered so that I could get to the action. Started kissing her and this only lasted 30 seconds before she said she wants to blow me. Keep in mind that when I texted her I explicitly asked if DFK and BBBJ were okay. But no, she still insisted on some shitty pecks instead of DFK. At the very least there was a BBBJ, even if it was an unenthusiastic and shitty one.
Worst part: Knocks on the door. I should have known when I saw the double beds, and she opens the door even when I said no and acts surprised when her ‘roommate’ walks in demanding to know what’s going on. Shittiest acting I’ve ever seen where the roommate acts surprised. At this point I just asked her to cut the bullshit and that I’m not paying another dollar. So yeah, out of the 20 minutes of action in which 5 were spent in the shower, another 5 was spent on this. The roommate did leave after, but this just meant the rest of the session was just the worst thing I’ve ever spent money on.

She started blowing me again but just licking the side as least as possible whilst using her hand to smoke it ‘feel’ like a BJ. Really it was again, a shit HJ. So I just said let’s ML.

Put on the Dom and just wanted to shoot as fast as possible. Once that was done, she just said ‘get out’ and didn’t let me shower. So I left and ran into the roommate in the corridor who asked for a tip. I told her to get out of my face not so politely.

Receive a text from her saying our chemistry was the problem. Told her to also get out of my face unpolitely.

Got to the office to double check if she’s post-op and turns out she was. Again, no problem with them but just not what I want when I punt. For your reference the proof is below. Honestly, if you guys make the choice of still going with this, good luck to you. It appears she lets guys go raw in the Philippines. That too is attached below.

If mods think photos are not allowed please let me know, I will remove

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Thank you for letting us know fellow member

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