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[Bangkok] Smooci Chanel

Date & Time of Session:  8/12/23
Location:  Bangkok - my hotel
Name:  Chanel
Agent: Smooci
Nationality & Language: Thai - excellent English (+ Japanese & Korean?)
Age: mid 30s
Face:  4/5
Body: 3/5
Height:  155 cm
Skill: 3/5
Service: 4/5
GFE: 3/5
PSE: 2/5
Price & Session Length:  3000 baht 700 HKD
Repeat: I would definitely keep her on the shortlist, but Bangkok does have many fields to explore - I'd probably do the mellow morning thing again, as it was so nice this time

Woke up at about 7 am and was feeling like a BBBJ/DATY/RIMJOB for breakfast. Chanel was already on my list, as that still was on her list and her reviews were good. She was at my Nana area hotel in less than an hour.

I find her to have a very cute face and personality, she is fun to talk to, very bubbly, smart, great English -

She arrived wearing workout sweats much like the picture, she took a shower, I had already, she came out in a towel, and we got down to some fairly girl-friendish DFK and groping fun for an hour. She was up for FS, but I wasn't, and she delivered exactly what I wanted that morning, just a mellow, relaxed, unrushed, and unscripted hour, with quite a bit of conversation. She is a great kisser, very clean, shaved, and tasty, her ass is fantastic. She is thick without being fat - not ultra fit, but she takes care of herself and her skin, which not all Thai girls in the profession do.

I think some guys will be very smitten with her cuteness (without being cloying), I was a bit, she is charming. She is clearly very into Japan and Japanese culture, and cultivates a Japanese look, but she doesn't try to 'act' Japanese. She is an interesting, educated, normal woman, who seems to enjoy her vocation. She is pretty cool. I particularly think Japanese guys would be gaga for her, and she is clearly catering to their market. This white guy likes her just fine.

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You can also find her here on the site of New Bangkok Escort.

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